Courts, Circuit

Adoption, biological parent health information, submission of

Adoption, stepparent, rights of

Child custody determination, additional factor for

Child Custody determination, additional factor for, deletion of

Child custody, factors in determining

Child Support, Update guidelines table

Child's misdemeanor sex offense records provision to school, when

Clerks, honoring

Competency proceeding, jury trial for

Cost-of-living increase for clerks, not less than other county elected officials

County of certified fire sprinkler inspector's place of business, venue in the Circuit Court of

Court costs and fees, public accounting of collection and expenditures

Domestic Relations, personal identifiers

Domestic violence, orders of protection

Domestic violence, provisions relating to

Domestic violence, reporting and training requirements relating to

electronic warrant program, establish

Employer's duties, jury service

Expungement of records,criminal history

Guardians and conservators, limitations on compensation

Judicial Branch Budget

Judicial Branch Budget Memorandum

Jury compensation and reimbursement, increase in

Jury service, exemption from

Juvenile court proceedings, open to public, pilot projects

Maintenance orders for spouses, availability of automatic payment methods

Methamphetamine violations, precursor drugs, prohibition of purchase

Persistent felony offenders, mental examination of

Public school academy contract decisions, right to appeal to

Sexual offenses, restraining order, issuance of

Wrongful incarceration, civil claim for

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