Anatomical gifts

Anatomical gifts, requirements for, establishment of

Anatomical gifts, revised uniform act, enactment of

Benefits increase, line of duty deaths

Blair, First Sergeant John D., memorializing

Bunting, Captain Brian M., memorializing

Bunting, Captain Brian, memorializing

Child Abuse and Neglect Fatality Review Panel, establishes

Dead human bodies, initial removal, requirements for

Hanson, Lance Corporal Matthias N., memorializing

Human remains, treatment and preservation of, Commonwealths's role in

Kentucky Army and Air National Guard, fallen members, memorializing

Kentucky Hospice Day, recognizing

KY Army and Air National Guard, fallen members, memorializing

Lewis, Corporal Timothy D., memorializing

Peak, Lance Corporal Adam D., memorializing

Poole, Lance Corporal Timothy J., memorializing

Ray, Sergeant Adam J., memorializing

Sluss-Tiller, Sergeant First Class Matthew, memorializing

Smith, Staff Sergeant Edward B., memorializing

Stidham, Corporal Lloyd D., memorializing

Ward Sr., Sergeant Joshua A., memorializing

Woods, Staff Sergeant Gary L., memorializing

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