Biomass and biofuels task force, commend work of

Biomass and biofuels task force, compliment work of

Blasters, coal mining, training requirements for

Bluegrass turns green program, create

Carbon capture and storage, expand incentives for

Carbon dioxide pipeline, right of condemnation and economic incentives for

Carbon dioxide pipeline, state program of regulation, removal from

Clean Energy Portfolio Standards, require of electric suppliers

Coal mine subsidence insurance, reinsurance, living expenses, increase for

Compact fluorescent lights, energy saving, requirement for safe disposal of

Credits, delete references to

Distributed generation, net metering

Electric rate increases, urge Public Service Commission

Energy-efficient alternative fuels, incentives for

Energy-efficient products, certified installer required for

Federal energy regulatory standards, Public Service Commission adoption of

Green Schools Caucus, creation of endorsed

Greenhouse gas emissions, stationary sources, regulation postponement

Kentucky BioAlliance, honoring

Kentucky Natural Resources Caucus, creation of

Mountaintop mining, placement of overburden, requirements on

Mountaintop removal, overburden in streams, prohibition of

Municipal utility, statutory lien, creation of

Natural gas retail competition, PSC study thereof directed

Natural gas retail competition, Public Service Commission, study on

New definition for "alternative transportation fuels," effective August 1, 2010

Noncompliance notice, electronic mail, procedure for

Nuclear power facilities, nuclear waste storage, require plan for

Nuclear power facilities; require plan for nuclear waste storage rather than means for disposal

Petroleum storage tank program, term of program extension for

Renewable energy, customer-generators, tariff guidelines for

Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards, development and application thereof

Reorganization, Energy and Environment Cabinet, Executive Order 2009-538

Solar photovoltaic system credit, create

Streams, mountain top mining, overburden, placement of

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, redistribute

Underground facilities, damage protection of

Underground facilities, damage protection thereof

Utility lien, business customers, authorization for

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