Firefighters and Fire Departments

911 communication, procedure for obtaining

Benefits increase, line of duty deaths

Commission on Fire Protection Personnel Standards and Education, authority, replacement of members

Council on Postsecondary Education, statewide course credit transfer agreement, development

Dementia training, urge cities to implement

Excused absences, chairperson approval of

Fire protection subdistricts, dissolution of

Firefighter and police salary supplements, increase

Firefighters totally disabled in line of duty, CPI adjustment to insurance payments

Good Samaritan, nonliability for emergency care, expand to all persons

Probate fees, estate of one killed in line of duty, exemption for

Sections of US 60 in honor of fallen firefighters and police officers, designate in Carter County

Uniform or other wearing apparel, safety equipment or protective accessories, purchase of

Workers' compensation, volunteer firefighters and income benefits

Last updated: 8/28/2019 7:34 AM (EDT)