Labor and Industry

Administrative law judge, appointment of Jeanie Owen Miller

Administrative law judge, appointment of Robert L. Swisher

Administrative law judge, reappointment of J. Landon Overfield

Administrative law judge, reappointment of John Barry Coleman

Aliens, unauthorized, hiring prohibition

Aliens, unauthorized, hiring, prohibition of

Aliens, unauthorized, prohibit hiring of

AMA guidelines, usage for disability determination

AMA guides, fifth edition required for disability determination

AMA guides, usage in disability determinations

Bluegrass State Skills Corporation, grants-in-aid

Campaign finance, expression of disappointment over Citizens United case

Electricians, biennial license renewal

E-verify, urge use in state contracts

Greenhouse gas emissions, stationary sources, regulation postponement

Kentucky Employer's Mutual Insurance, dividends, requirement for

Kentucky Prison Industries Enhancement Commission

Motor carrier transportation contracts, indemnification clauses in

Personnel hearings, labor organization may assist

Prevailing wage, increase exemption threshold and exempt construction in education

Prevailing wage, suspension for fiscal years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012

Prison industries enhancement program

Public employees, omnibus collective bargaining bill for

Rail carriers, driver and vehicle safety requirements

Railroad employees, standards for the safe transportation of

Reorganization, Labor Cabinet, Executive Order 2009-537

Safety violations, workers' compensation liability for

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Silicosis disease claims

State contracts, preference for Kentucky business

Unemployment benefits, eligibility of military spouses

Unemployment benefits, repayment required

Unemployment compensation, benefit trigger added

Unemployment insurance, benefit and wage revisions

Unemployment insurance, extended benefit, trigger for

Uniforms and safety equipment, require public entities to buy American made

Wage discrimination, define comparable worth

Wage discrimination, prohibited on the basis of sex, race, or national origin

Wage discrimination, statue of limitations, extension of

Workers' compensation, income and medical benefits, attorney's fees, modifications

Worker's compensation, AMA Guides, definition of

Workers' Compensation Board, appointment of Michael W. Alvey

Workers' compensation, KEMI, dividends required

Workers' Compensation, safety violations, liability for

Workers' compensation, special fund payoff extended

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