Addington, Michael "Mike," memorializing

Akers, Palestine "Pal" memorializing

Anderson, Ralph G., memorializing

Arbuckle, Elizabeth, memorializing

Armstrong, Elizabeth, memorializing

Arnold, George W., memorializing

Atkins Gleason, Dr. Eliza, memorializing

Atwood, Elizabeth Meadows, memorializing

Bailey, Solon Lawrence and William "Liam" Theiler, memorializing

Barker, William Russell, memorializing

Barnes, Thomas Carter IV, memorializing

Barnett, G. Kenton, memorializing

Basket, Ralph, memorializing

Baumgartner, Edythe M., memorializing

Beach, Charles, adjourn in honor of

Biscopink, C.J. "Jerry," memorializing

Blackburn, Leslie J. "Ikey," Jr., memorializing

Blair, First Sergeant John D., memorializing

Bottom, Veston "Bocky," memorializing

Boulanger, Jacob R., memorializing

Bradshaw, Edwin, memorializing

Branham, Larry Edwin, memorializing

Breen, Lynne Crutcher, memorializing

Browning, J. Paul, memorializing

Bryson, Edward Doyle, memorializing

Bunting, Captain Brian M., memorializing

Bunting, Captain Brian, memorializing

Bunton, Paul R., memorializing

Burchell, Bea, memorializing

Burge, John Charles "Charlie," memorializing

Butler, Denver, memorializing

C. David Hagerman Justice Center

Calloway County Veterans Memorial Highway, designation of

Campbell, Jr. Technical Sergeant Anthony C., honoring

Campbell, Jr., Technical Sergeant Anthony C., honoring

Cannon, Terry L., memorializing

Carnes, Staff Sergeant Nicholas R., Memorial Highway designate road in honor of

Carter, Earl G. "Rock," memorializing

Cary, Pamela Kay, memorializing

Childers, Velma, memorializing

Childs, Jackie, memorializing

Clark, Lawrence Jude Jr., memorializing

Cline, Lowell Eugene "Gene," memorializing

Collins, Luther, memorializing

Combs, Madge, memorializing

Compton, George Milton, memorializing

Condon, Marie T., memorializing

Cook, Robert J., memorializing

Corporal Mayo Blackburn Bridge in Pike County, designation of

Courtney, Richard G., memorializing

Cowgill, Ralph F., memorializing

Cpl. Josh Moore Memorial Highway, designate in Logan County

Cucinello, Francene, memorializing

Cunningham, Jonathan David, memorializing

Curtis, Charles Turner, memorializing

Daley, Deborah Cornett, memorializing

Daley, Deborah Lynn Cornett, memorializing

Dalzell, Ethel Carson, memorializing

Darby, Sue, memorializing

Daugherty, Betty Jean Shearer, memorializing

Davidson, Shirley A., memorializing

Dawson, B. Allen "Buddy," memorializing

"Deputy Anthony Sean Pursifull Memorial Highway," designate in Bell County

Designate road in honor of, Sergeant Justin A. Scott

Devers, Richard, memorializing

Dix, Albert E., memorializing

Dixon, Pamela, memorializing

Donaldson, Anna Grace, memorializing

Duncan, David H., memorializing

Ellis, Floyd H., memorializing

Elmore, the Reverend A.J., Sr., memorializing

Esh family, memorializing

Evans, Charles H. "Chuck," memorializing

Evans, David Ray, memorializing

Fannin, Ira Webster, memorializing

Finn, Jane, memorializing

Floyd, Christine Irene, adjourn in honor of

Foley, Dravo Green, memorializing

Francis, Bill, designate section of KY 550 in honor of

Freeman, Mark Phillips, adjourn in honor of

Frost, Charles Mitchell, Jr., memorializing

Gabbard, Steven Douglas, memorializing

Gibson, Marvin Wade, adjourn in honor of

Glasgow, Glenn Shirley, memorializing

Gore, William Randolph "Bill" and Donna M., memorializing

Gowers, Joseph Raymond "Double," memorializing

Graham, Specialist Kevin J., memorializing

Gregory, Robert C., memorializing

Grubbs, James Davis, memorializing

Guess, Evan T., memorializing

Hall, Albert Junior, memorializing

Hall, Robert G., memorializing

Hall, Timothy, designate bridge in honor of

Hamilton, Glen Darrell, memorializing

Hancock, Michael D., memorializing

Hancock, the Reverend William L., memorializing

Hansbrough, Herbert Lee, Jr., memorializing

Hanson, Lance Corporal Matthias N., memorializing

Harding, Fuller, memorializing

Harper, David Bernard, memorializing

Harris, Stirl, memorializing

Hatfield, Opal Stafford, memorializing

Hawkins, Janice, memorializing

Hendricks, John Cameron, memorializing

Hessig, Jack Lee, memorializing

Highley, Phyllis Robinson, memorializing

Hoess, Howard Jerome, memorializing

Holbrook, Loren Delmas, memorializing

Holbrooke, Marjorie Oppenheimer, memorializing

Honorary road naming, omnibus resolution for

Howe, Albert B. Jr., memorializing

Hundley, Bruce, memorializing

Jackson, Dr. James A., memorializing

Jetton, Martin "Spud," adjourn in honor of

Jewell, Malcolm Edwin "Mac," memorializing

Jones, Mary Clift, memorializing

Kerby, Clifford Franklin, memorializing

Kerby, Dr. Clifford Franklin, memorializing

Kershaw, Doris Elnora Bridges, memorializing

Kertis, Zachary Edward, adjourn in honor of

Kleier, Ned G., memorializing

Lacy, Cloyd Andy, adjourn in memory of

Ledford, Dr. Loren James, memorializing

Lewis, Corporal Timothy D., memorializing

London, James "Jack," memorializing

Long, James Edward "Jim," memorializing

Lovelace, David N., memorializing

Lusby, Joseph Joe Smith, Jr.

Mahr, Glema May Miers, memorializing

Markesbery, Dr. William, memorializing

Marlatt, Abby, memorializing

Martin, Mabel Futrell, memorializing

Mathews, William H. "Bill" IV, memorializing

McCauley, Gentry "Sonny," adjourn in memory of

McCuiston, Clara Elizabeth, memorializing

McFarland, Daniel, memorializing

McFarland, Warring Davis "Mac," memorializing

McNeill, John W. III, memorializing

Miles, Patricia Hill, memorializing

Mitchell, Lucias T., memorializing

Moberly, Harry, Sr., memorializing

Morrow, Charles E. "Charlie," memorializing

Moser, Dr. Roy, memorializing

Moss, Mary Elizabeth Brandstetter, memorializing

Murphy, Avery, memorializing

Myre, Jane Carson, memorializing

Nall, Fred W., memorializing

Nieman, Harry, Jr., memorializing

Nunes, June Christine, memorializing

O'Leary, Ellen, memorializing

Oliver, Lettie Mae, memorializing

Ovesen, John Michael "Mike," memorializing

Owens, Jackie Edford, memorializing

Peak, Lance Corporal Adam D., memorializing

Peluso Sr., Dewey Thomas, memorializing

Peyton, Raymond Denton "R.D.," memorializing

Pfeffer, Patrick Thomas, memorializing

Poole, Lance Corporal Timothy J., memorializing

Portwood, Armon, memorializing

Poynter, Amber Dawn, memorializing

Prater, Rondel Ray, memorializing

Ray, Glennmoore "Ballie," memorializing

Ray, Sergeant Adam J., memorializing

Reed, Charlie, memorializing

Reisz, Aileene, memorializing

Rex, Robley Henry, memorializing

Riggs, Raymond L., memorializing

Ritz, Earl (Skip), designate bridge in honor of

Roads and bridges, designate honorary names for

Roads and Bridges, designate in honorary names for

Rose, Taylor Christian, memorializing

Russell, Jimmy, adjourning in honor and celebration of

Salmon, Sue Anne, memorializing

Saltzman, Brent, memorializing

Schlatter, Joe K., memorializing

Scott, James Edwin Jr., memorializing

Sections of US 60 in honor of fallen firefighters and police officers, designate in Carter County

Shaw, Nancy Lilly, memorializing

Shelton, Mary Ruth, memorializing

Shumate, Carrie Mae Spivey, memorializing

Simpson, Robert Flournoy "Big Daddy," Jr., memorializing

Sizemore, Lee Bowling, memorializing

Sloan, Larry Thomas, memorializing

Sloan, Sam Sr., memorializing

Sluss-Tiller, Sergeant First Class Matthew, memorializing

Smith, C. Bascum, memorializing

Smith, Staff Sergeant Edward B., memorializing

Smith, William Ellis "Bill," memorializing

Sousley, Franklin Runyon, memorializing

Sparkman, Ernest, memorializing

Stallings, Robert G. "Bobby," memorializing

Stallings, Robert G. "Bobby," memorializing

Stevie McReynolds Way in Calloway County, designation

Stewart, Richard W. "Butch," memorializing

Stidham, Corporal Lloyd D., memorializing

Stivers, Joan Marjorie Koch, memorializing

Stout, James Edward, memorializing

Strange, Roy C., memorializing

Stumbo, Klein Dean, memorializing

Stumbo, Shelby Gene "Harry," memorializing

Sutherland, Larry Wayne, adjourn in honor of

Swatzell, Bob, memorializing

Tackett, Lynn, memorializing

Taylor, Lucy Glenn, memorializing

Terry, Clinton, memorializing

Thaler, Daisy Wigginton, memorializing

"The Purple Trail," extension of

Tilghman, Emmit Hadley, memorializing

Turner, Chester Douglas "Douglas," adjourn in honor of

"Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail," extension throughout I-75

Unseld, Jacqueline Yvonne, memorializing

Veach, James Eldon, memorializing

Victims of Chilean earthquake, memorializing

Victims of Haitian earthquake, memorializing

Vitek, Justin John, memorializing

Walker, Plympton Ray, memorializing

Ward Sr., Sergeant Joshua A., memorializing

Warner, Billy J., memorializing

Watt, Gerald Woodrow, memorializing

Watts, Dr. Franklin S., memorializing

Wesley, Carlos, memorializing

Wiehebrink, Martha "Marty," memorializing

Williams, John Patton "Pat," memorializing

Wink, Ann Victoria "Vicki," memorializing

Woods, Staff Sergeant Gary L., memorializing

Woods, Willie Mae Willis, memorializing

Yocom, James, adjourn in honor of

Yocum, James, adjourn in honor of

Young, E. Poe, honoring on the occasion of his 100th birthday

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