Probation and Parole

Driver's license, identification card, issuance to released felon

Gang, criminal

Good time service credit, award and use of

Murder, registration of offenders

Parole Board, confirmation, Joanie Abramson

Parole Board, confirmation, Larry D. Chandler

Parole Board, confirmation, Vernon Ray Windurn

Parole Board, conformation of appointment, Thomas S. Whetstone

Parole board, membership and operation of

Parole Board, membership, duties, qualifications, and administration of parole

Parole Board, membership of

Parole Board, membership of, qualifications

Parole board, operation and membership of

Parole, credit for time during, loss of

Parole credit, revocation of

Parole, granting of

Parole, medical, granting of

Pretrial investigations, question of combat experience, requirement for

Pseudoephedrine, possession or sale of

Sex offenders, public park restrictions relating to

Sexual relations between probationer/parolee & person employed by detention agency, prohibition of

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