Public Utilities

Carbon dioxide pipeline, state program of regulation, removal from

Clean Energy Portfolio Standards, require of electric suppliers

Credits, delete references to

Distributed generation, net metering

Electric rate increases, urge Public Service Commission

Federal energy regulatory standards, Public Service Commission adoption of

Increased electricity generation when applying New Source Review, urge EPA to consider

Louisville Water Company, Day, recognizing

Municipal utility, statutory lien, creation of

Natural gas retail competition, PSC study thereof directed

Natural gas retail competition, Public Service Commission, study on

Net metering, renewable energy, purchase of

Nuclear power facilities, nuclear waste storage, require plan for

Nuclear power facilities; require plan for nuclear waste storage rather than means for disposal

Public Service Commission, confirmation, Charlie Borders

Public water and sewer facilities, regional wastewater commissions, establishment of

Rate schedules requiring legislative approval

Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards, development and application thereof

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, redistribute

Underground facilities, damage protection thereof

Utility lien, property of business customers, authorization for lien on

Water and sewer services, changes to governance of

Water district commissioners, training requirements for

Water districts, water commissioners, training, requirements for

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