Auditor of Public Accounts, APA Executive 09-01

Cabinet for Economic Development, Economic Development Partnership Resolution 09-01

Cabinet for Health & Family Services, Executive Orders 2009-513, 2009-541, 2009-661, & 2009-770

Council on Postsecondary Education

Department for Local Government, reorganization, Executive Order 2009-540

Department for Natural Resources, duties

Department of Law, Attorney General Executive Order, AG 09-01

Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet, Exec. Orders 2009-535, 2009-537, 2009-538, 2009-1086

Executive Order 2009-536, Department of Education

Federal weatherization program, transfer of

Finance and Administration Cabinet, Commonwealth Office of Technology, division in

Finance and Administration Cabinet, Geographic Information Advisory Council, naming of

Kentucky Milk Commission, Executive Order 2009-754

Personnel Cabinet reorganization, confirmation, Executive Order 2009-542

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