Bicycle trailers, prohibited use of while operating a bicycle on state-maintained highways

Black bears threatening human safety, taking of

Carbon monoxide alarms, install in dwellings

Child Abuse and Neglect Fatality Review Panel, establishes

Commercial motor vehicles, advanced safety systems, urging Congressional support of tax credit for

Display of decals, required for holders of an instructional permit when operating a motor vehicle

Elevator contractors, elevator mechanics, and fire sprinkler inspectors, regulation of

Elevator mechanic license, public university maintenance employees, requirement for

Elevator safety and inspections, Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction to coordinate

Mold remediation standards, Department of Law to establish and Attorney General to enforce

Personal communication device, prohibit the use of by drivers under the age of 18

Personal communication device, prohibit use while operating a motor vehicle

Personal communication devices, use while driving

Personal services agencies, require gift policy for

Railroads, Passenger Rail Transportation Advisory Board

Safety violations, workers' compensation liability for

Social service workers, provisions for

Task Force on Children Exposed to and Affected by Domestic Violence, creation of

Text messaging, prohibit while operating a motor vehicle

Underground facilities, damage protection of

Underground facilities, damage protection thereof

Workers' Compensation, safety violations, liability for

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