Taxation, Income--Corporate

Airport noise levels, tax credits for sound insulation

Charitable foundations, tax credits for

Charitable giving, tax credit provided for

Community rehabilitation tax credit

Diesel retrofit tax credit, creation

Distilled spirits credit, create

Distilled spirits tax credit, establishment of

Electronic filing and payment

Endow Kentucky tax credit, reduce cap on

ENERGY STAR tax credit, modify

Environmental conservation, tax credits

Estimated tax penalties, modification of

Innovative education tax credit, establish

Internal Revenue Code, update reference date

Job stimulus tax credit, create

Local net profits, gross receipts, occupational taxes; amend administrative requirements

Local occupational license fees, centralized return system

New Markets Development Program, establish tax credits

Repeal, January 1, 2011

Revenue Measures

Revenue measures, the Executive Branch Budget Bill, accompaniment of

Revenue measures to accompany the Executive Branch Budget Bill

Small business jobs creation tax credit, rename program

Solar photovoltaic system credit, create

Tax inducement programs, review and sunset

Technical corrections

Tuition assistance tax credit, established

Wellness project credit

Last updated: 8/28/2019 7:34 AM (EDT)