Waste Management

Compact fluorescent lights, environmental management, requirement for safe disposal of

Division of Waste Management, waste tire fund, apportionment of

Electronic scrap recycling program, establishment of

Executive branch budget, amendments to

Mountaintop mining, overburden, requirements on

Nuclear power facilities, nuclear waste storage, require plan for

Nuclear power facilities; require plan for nuclear waste storage rather than means for disposal

Petroleum storage tank program, term of program extension for

Recycling, state offices and universities, reporting requirement for

Regional provision of wastewater services, pilot project for

Reorganization, Energy and Environment Cabinet, Executive Order 2009-538

Solid waste and recovered materials collectors, displacement of

Solid waste collectors and recyclers, displacement of by local governments

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendments to

Underground storage tanks, registration of

Waste tire fee, reauthorization of

Waste tire fee, reduce reauthorization period for

Waste tire fee, reduce reauthorization period to 2011 for

Waste tire fee, waste tire program, extension of

Waste tire fund, cabinet use of funds, limitations on

Water and sewer projects, assistance agreements for

Water district commissioners, training requirements for

Water districts, water commissioners, training, requirements for

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