Senate Concurrent Resolution 43

Last Action to State & Local Government (S)
Title A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION claiming sovereignty over powers not granted to the federal government by the United States Constitution; serving notice to the federal government to cease mandates beyond its authority; and stating Kentucky's position that federal legislation that requires states to comply under threat of loss of federal funding should be prohibited or repealed.
Bill Documents Bill
Bill Request Number 1134
Sponsors D. Seum, W. Blevins Jr., D. Boswell, M. Reynolds, J. Schickel, D. Thayer, R. Webb
Summary of Original Version Declare state sovereignty over powers not given to the federal government by the United States Constitution; demand that the federal government cease mandates beyond constitutionally delegated powers; prohibit federal legislation requiring state passage of laws under threat of penalties or sanctions; directdistribution of the Resolution.
Index Headings of Original Version Constitution, U.S. - Tenth Amendment, state sovereignty
Federal Laws and Regulations - Constitution of the United States, state sovereignty
United States - Mandates, federal, state sovereignty under the United States Constitution


  • introduced in Senate
  • to State & Local Government (S)

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