House Bill 7

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Title AN ACT relating to charter schools, making an appropriation therefor, and declaring an emergency.
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Bill Request Number 15
Sponsor H. Moberly Jr.
Summary of Original Version Create new sections of KRS Chapter 160 to authorize the formation of charter schools within local school districts that are public schools converted from existing public schools; the formation of district charter schools that are career academies, early, or middle colleges in cooperation with public postsecondary education institutions; authorize the formation of a public statewide virtual charter school; define terms; provide that local school boards are the only authorizers of charter school and that the Kentucky Board of Education is the authorizer of a statewide virtual charter school, and the commissioner of education may approve a district charter school based on state board administrative regulations; define the components that must be in an application for a charter or district charter school for initial approval and for renewal; provide that charters may be approved for 3 year, 4 year, or 5 year contracts; require annual financial audits and performance reviews based on the contract; permit a charter to be revoked at any time or non-renewed for certain reasons; require charter schools to serve only students that reside in the district and those eligible to attend school in the district based on local board nonresident student contracts; require teachers in a charter school to meet Education Professional Standards Board certification requirements; define the role of the Department of Education; provide flexibility to charter schools to request waiver of selected statutory provisions and administrative regulations; establish new sections of KRS Chapter 156 to require the state board to promulgate administrative regulations to implement charter schools; create a new section of KRS 157 to describe how funds shall be distributed to a charter school; create a new section of KRS 161 to provide that teachers in charter schools continue in Kentucky Teachers' Retirement and enable them to earn continuing service status under KRS 161.740; APPROPRIATIONS; EMERGENCY.
Index Headings of Original Version Administrative Regulations and Proceedings - Kentucky Board of Education, implementation of charter schools
Appropriations - Charter schools, funds, eligibility and distribution of
Education, Elementary and Secondary - Charter schools, conversion of schools to
Education, Elementary and Secondary - District charter career academy, early or middle college, establishment of
Education, Finance - Charter schools, funds, eligibility and distribution of funds
Education, Higher - District charter school, career academy, early or middle college, establishment
Effective Dates, Emergency - BR 15, charter schools
Universities and Colleges - District charter school, career academy, early or middle college, establishment of


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