Appropriations bills, public review period required prior to legislative action

Biennial Highway Construction Plan, amendment to

Bill or amendment containing appropriation, 48-hour waiting period prior to vote

Branch Budget Bills, amendment of

Budget planning document, delete reference

Certain agencies, reimbursement to, Finance and Administration Cabinet to request

Charitable health care providers, grants for

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, compensation suspended

Court reporters, Kentucky Board of Court Reporting fund, creation of

Department of Corrections

Early graduation scholarship fund

Electrical inspections and permitting, trust and agency account

Emergency medical services personnel, supplements for

Kentucky Council on Revenue Reform, establishment and duties of

Landowner incentive programs for recreational use of land, authorize

Mandates on public schools, financial support for

Payment to election officers and to counties, increase of

Racing charitable gaming fund, establishment and administration of

Radon mitigation and control fund

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment to

Study, funds for

Sudan, investments in, certain agencies to divest

Unexpended SEEK funds, use and distribution of

Waiting period before enactment of appropriation measure, constitutional amendment requiring

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