Budget and Financial Administration

Appropriation or revenue bills, require 24 hour wait for consideration of floor amendments

Appropriations bills, public review period required prior to legislative action

Balanced federal budget, commendation of groups for opposing constitutional convention

Bill or amendment containing appropriation, 48-hour waiting period prior to vote

Branch Budget Bills, amendment of

Budget conference committees, direct appointment of membership

Budget Memorandum, requirement, deletion of

Budget planning document, delete reference

Capital projects, amendment of approval process for higher education institutions for

Capital Projects, exclude bonds issued by higher education institutions from state debt cap for

Capital Projects, Interim Approval Process for Postsecondary Education Institutions

Conference and free conference committee meetings, open meetings

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, compensation suspended

Debts owed to the Commonwealth, Finance Cabinet study of

Economic development and tourism project expenditure report; requirement of

Executive Branch Budget, require submission by the 10th legislative day

Finance and Administration Cabinet, gains and losses, method of determining, establishment of

Finance and Administration Cabinet, secretary, election of

Kentucky Council on Revenue Reform, revise membership

Public fund expenditures, Web sites showing

State funds, expenditures, Web site with records of

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment to

Sudan, investments in, certain agencies to divest

Tolls, existing interstate highways, prohibition

United States Constitution, Article V convention on balanced federal budget, call for

United States Constitution, Article V convention on fiscal and legislative issues, call for

Waiting period before enactment of revenue measure, constitutional amendment requiring

WIA funding, opposing elimination of

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