Commendations and Recognitions

100th Division (Training), honoring

149th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, honor

149th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, honoring

2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, volunteers, honoring

4-H Youth Development, honoring

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, honoring

April Helton, Knox County, signs in honor of

Arts Day in Kentucky, recognizing February 22, 2011, as

Ball, Don and Mira, recognizing

Bartleman, Bill, honoring

Berry, Wendell, honoring

Bevars, Coach Ron, honoring

Black History Month, recognizing

Bozeman, Chynna, honoring

Bundy, Lillie Mae, memorializing

Camara, La, congratulate on successful launch of

Carter, Robert C. "Bob," honoring

Castle Post, acknowledging and recognizing, charitable causes

Coal Miners Appreciation Week, third week of August, designation of

Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, plaque honoring

Daviess County Teachers Federal Credit Union, honoring

Davis, Coach Tim, honoring

Declaration of February 6, 2011, as "Ronald Reagan Day" in Kentucky

Diabetes Day at the Capitol, February 10, 2011, recognize

Diabetes Day at the Capitol, February 10, 2011, recognizing

Dix, Albert "Al," memorializing

Dr. Robert C. Stout, commend for veterinarian award

Early Times Whisky, honoring

Ecuador Air Force, visiting officers, honoring

Ella Beth Gray, Knox County, signs in honor of

Ellis, Joe. E., honoring

Fairview Lady Eagles girls cross country team, honoring

Faried, Kenneth, honoring

February 16th, Kentucky Hospice Day, declare

February 16th, Kentucky Hospice Day, declaring

February, 2011 Career and Technical Education Month, commemorate

February 23, 2011, declaration as Jimmie Lee Day

Female athletes, honoring and recognizing

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, May 12, 2011, recognizing of

Fookes, Coach Nell, honoring

Four Roses Distillery, honoring

Gee, Dawne, honoring

Graham, Louise Everett, honoring

Hamilton, Cheri Bryant, honoring

Hampton, Kia, honoring

Higdon, Senator Jimmy and Jane, honoring

Highway road crews

Holbrook, Bill, honoring

Hyland, Peggy, honoring

IBM, honoring

Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, declare March 2011

Jenkins, Don; designation of US 231 in Butler County in honor of

Jim Beam Distillery, 75th anniversary, recognition of

Johnson, Coach Susan, honoring

J.R. Gray, designation of Benton Bypass in honor of

Junior League of Lexington Charity Horse Show, honoring

Kentucky Association of Blacks in Higher Education, honoring

Kentucky Educational Television, service to the Commonwealth

Kentucky Jaycees, Kronauer, Laura L., honoring

Kentucky K-9 Search and Reunite Services, honoring

Kentucky Visions at the Capitol artists, recognizing

Laumeyer, Laureen, recognizing and honoring

Lee, Representative Jimmie, recognizing

Leisure, Calvin, recognizing

Mabry, Hannah, honoring

Madisonville Fire Department, Congratulate

Madisonville North Hopkins High School Marching Maroons, honor

Madisonville North Hopkins High School Marching Maroons, honoring

Maker's Mark Distillery, honoring

Mattingly, Susan Christine, honoring

McBrayer, Ethel, honoring

McCaster, Jibril, honoring

Members of the Armed Forces and families stationed at Fort Campbell, honoring

Meyer, Dakota, honoring

Monroe, William Smith "Bill," honoring centennial date of birth

Montford Point Marines Day, designate

Morehead State University, Co-Ed and All-Girl Cheerleading Squads, honoring

Neal, Brandon Anthony, honoring

Olive Hill, sesquicentennial, honoring

Omnibus Road Naming Resolution

PFC Wesley Phelps Memorial Honor Guard of Ohio County, honoring

Recognizing Don Harris, United States Equestrian Federation's lifetime achievement award recipient

Representative Tanya Pullin, honoring

Robert N. Clay, honor for conservation award

Robinson, William T. "Bill," honoring

Rogers, Rep. Hal, recognizing

"Ronald Reagan Day" in Kentucky, declaration of February 6, 2011

Ross, Danny, honoring

"Ruben Watts Highway," designation of

Run for the Wall, honoring

Russell, Eddie, honoring

Rylie Jo Makenzie Maggard, Harlan County, signs in honor of

Safe Digging Month, April, designating

Samuels, Jr., Taylor William "Bill," honoring

Sexual Assault Awareness Month, recognizing March as

Sheckles, Mayor William, honoring

Shootings in Tucson, Arizona, commendation of those who assisted and prevented further loss of life

Silberman, Stu, recognizing

Simmons College of Kentucky, honoring

Simms, Phil, honoring

Sousley, Franklin Runyon, honoring

Southeastern Kentucky Shawnee, commend for preservation of language and culture

Steve Cauthen, KY 14 in Boone County, designation in honor of

Take Back Kentucky and chapter of Tea Party, commendation for positions on constitutional convention

The Collaborative Center for Literacy Development staff, honor the work of

The Reading Recovery Program staff, honor the work of

Todd, Dr. Lee, recognizing

Todd, Jr., Dr. Lee T., recognizing

Trailblazers Committee, honoring

Trent, Nila Mae, memorializing

Tudor, Wesley, ROTC, honoring for

Turkish-American Association of Kentucky, honoring

United States Peace Corps, 50th Anniversary, honoring

van Nagell, Dr. John R. Jr., M.D., honoring

Western Kentucky University forensics team, honoring

Women's History Month, recognizing

Young, Rick, honoring

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