Emergency Medical Services

911 emergency services, improvement and funding of

9/11 First Responders Day

Accidents, solicitation of business

Assault in the third degree, medical personnel in hospital emergency room, addition of

Death benefits, crime victims' compensation fund, eligibility for

Emergency care, limitation of liability for

Emergency medical care, liability, immunity from

Emergency medical technicians and paramedics, $3,500 supplement paid to local government for

Emergency medical technicians, certification of military personnel, make requirement for

EMS statutes, omnibus chapter revisions

Kentucky Emergency Response Commission, hazardous substance release, recovery and cleanup

Qualified professional firefighters, increase of supplement to $3,500

Shootings in Tucson, Arizona, commendation of emergency medical personnel

State death benefits, emergency responders in ambulances, eligibility

Tuition benefits, dependents, eligibility for

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