Housing, Building, and Construction

Electrical inspecting and permitting, department to regulate

Electrician and master electricians, minors, requirements for

Elevator contractor licensing, exemption from

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, journeyman mechanic licensure

Home inspector board, modify authority and attach to occupations and professions

Home inspector board, powers, duties, and composition of

Home inspectors, licensing of

Human remains and artifacts, protection of, restrictions on building permits

HVAC professionals, licensing of

Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors, administrative attachment of, Occupations and Professions

Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors, composition of

Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors, removal of

Kentucky Housing Corporation, single-family mortgage lending program

Local Government authority, more stringent fire safety standards

Penalties for violation of the plumbing code, monetary only

Persons and families of lower and moderate income, definition of

Piping in federally regulated manufacturing or processing plants, exemption, state law

Plumbing penalties, water heater serial number violations exempted from

Plumbing penalty administrative regulations, promulgation of

Prevailing wage, exemption threshold, increase

Underground petroleum storage tanks, contractors for removal or repair of

Van-only disabled parking, requirements for

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