Military Affairs and Civil Defense

100th Division (Training), honoring

149th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, honor

149th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, honoring

9/11 First Responders Day

Barker, John Devlyon, memorializing

Calo, Sergeant Jason D., memorializing

Carroll, Sergeant Patrick Ryan, memorializing

Chapleau, Sergeant First Class Kristopher D., memorializing

Commission on Military Affairs, Chief Justice, adjustment of membership

Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, plaque honoring

Disabled veteran license plates, 100 percent disabled veterans, three plates free of charge

Emergency medical technicians, certification of military personnel, make requirement for

Emrick, Staff Sergeant Jordan B., memorializing

Flags, U.S., Kentucky, and POW/MIA, display at highway rest areas

Garvin, Private First Class Nathaniel D., memorializing

Garvin, Specialist Nathaniel D., memorializing

Hunter, Staff Sergeant James P., memorializing

Hunting and fishing license, exempt

I Support Veterans special license plate, establishment of

Jackson, Lance Corporal Timothy M., memorializing

Kentucky Department of Emergency Management, emergency response commission, duties

Kentucky Department of Emergency Management, hazardous material release, recovery and cleanup

Kentucky National Guard, Governor's aides-de-camp, specify requirement for

Madden, Private First Class Russell E., memorializing

Members of armed services and spouses, licensing of

Members of the Armed Forces and families stationed at Fort Campbell, honoring

Meyer, Dakota, honoring

Military service, disqualification because of tattoos, notice to patrons of tattoo facilities

Military spouses, unemployment benefits for

Montford Point Marines Day, designate

Motor vehicle inspections, military personnel stationed outside of Kentucky, creation of form for

PFC Wesley Phelps Memorial Honor Guard of Ohio County, honoring

Pridham, Private First Class Michael S., memorializing

Prisoners of war and those missing in action, congressional investigation

Probate fees, estate of soldier killed in line of duty, exemption for

PTSD, combat veterans and combat military personnel, direct attention and resources, treatment of

Puckett, Corporal Adam T., memorializing

Purple Heart license plate, requirements of design

Reeve, Corporal Harry J., memorializing

Renactors of historical events, drill with arms, permission to

Representative Tanya Pullin, memorial ceremonies for fallen service members, honoring

ROTC, Tudor, Wesley, honoring

Salmon, Private First Class Zachary S., memorializing

SFC John D. Morton Memorial Highway, designate KY 15 in Powell County as

Sigley, Sergeant Randolph A., memorializing

Soldier, deceased, authority for final disposition of remains

Spouses of members of the armed services, licensing of

State Partnership Program, Kentucky National Guard-Ecuador, military-civilian exchanges

Stout, Staff Sergeant Christopher Todd, memorializing

Thomas, Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) Collin T., memorializing

Veterans' program trust fund, administration of

Veterans' service organizations, drill with arms, permission to

Whitler, Sergeant Charles P., memorializing

Wright, Specialist Christopher S., memorializing

Yates, 1st Lieutenant Eric D., memorializing

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