Coal combustion residuals, disposal, beneficial reuse, requirements and variance for

Energy and Environment Cabinet, secretary, election of

Environmental laboratories, wastewater, cabinet certification of

In-lieu fee, straight pipe and sewer projects, use for

Prescription drug drop off program, water pollution prevention, cabinet program for

Prohibit US EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions; urge Congress to

Rates for sanitation districts under 220, county fiscal court approval of

Regional Screening Tables, EPA Region 3, toxicity concentrations, updates for

Regional wastewater commission, abatement of water pollution, use of

Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act of 2011, support for

Restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions, prohibition on enforcement of

Right of Entry Statute, technical and stylistic corrections for

Sanctuary state from United States EPA, state control of water quality standards, requirements for

Sand and gravel, noncommercial, property owners, permit exemption for

Stream mitigation and restoration projects, conductivity, direct new contract for

Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976, hazardous chemicals, recommended amendments, resolution for

Waste tire disposal, waste tire working group, manifest system, requirements for

Waste tire fund, 25 percent cap, administrative use of

Waste tire fund, administrative cap, clarification on use of

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