Public Utilities

Abandonment, conditions placement in receivership

Allowance to use portion of cash reserves for additional services, water districts

Allowance to use portion of cash reserves for additional services, water districts to

Biomass energy, approval of contracts for

Carbon dioxide transmission pipeline siting, jurisdiction to Electric Generation Siting Board

Carbon storage demonstration projects

Carbon storage, demonstration projects for

Coal ash impoundments, disposal, emergency action plans, requirements for

Contract, purchase power, approval of

Contracts, purchase power, expedite PSC approval

Contracts, purchase power, PSC approval of

Create a Task Force to study feasibility of election of public service commissioners

Digging, declare April "Safe Digging Awareness Month"

Electing commissioners, impact on utility rates, study for

Energy and Environment Cabinet, secretary, election of

Franchises with cities, limitations on

Hexavalent chromium levels, require public water systems to monitor

Municipal utilities, expansion of study to include

Municipally owned electric generating facilities, use of renewable energy, requirements

"Pore space owner" to replace "owners and leaseholders"

Pro coal attestations, application for electric utility service, requirement for

Public Service Commission, membership, election and expansion of

Public water sewer facilities, regional wastewater commissions, inclusion in

Regional waste water authority, removal of Nelson County from

Safe Digging Month, April, designating

Sewer charges, delinquency of, suspension of water service for.

Storage of spent fuel for nuclear power generation under U.S. government authorization

Underground facility damage prevention

Utility rates, election of PSC members

Utility termination during cold weather, limitations

Wholesale rates, wastewater commission, requirements for

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