Secretary of State

Administrative Regulations, general partnerships, certificate of authority for

Branch Budget Bills, amendment of

Business entities, creation, organization, operation, and dissolution of

Campaign finance, school board candidates, contribution limit, increase of

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, compensation suspended

Constitutional amendment, increase property tax homestead exemption for disabled veterans

Constitutional amendment, increase terms of office of legislators

Corporate independent expenditures, allowance of

Elections, absentee voters, identity, disclosure of

Elections, campaign finance, various changes

Elections, contests, recounts, procedures of

Elections, filing deadlines, primary date, changes to

Elections, precinct election workers, absentee voting

Elections, primaries, registered independents, new registrants

Elections, recanvass, recounts, candidates for federal office

Elections, various changes

Elections, various changes to procedures

Federal liens, establish index and record, require

Filings, financing statement, livestock seller's lien

Freedom of religion, constitutional amendment

National banks, complaints, summarize and distribute

Notary, elements of signature and seal, serial number, requirements for

Personal funds, definition of

Petitions of nomination, number of petitioners, whole county and division of, merged governments

Portal for businesses, establishment of

Registered Independents, primaries, participation in

Registry of Election Finance, various provisions relating to

State construction contracts, registration for, foreign entities

Terms of office of General Assembly, increase

TVA and Breaks Interstate Park, peace officer, bond, posting of

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