Universities and Colleges

Admissions, residency requirements for

Advance practice doctoral programs, capping of

Advanced practice doctoral program in nursing, provision of

Advanced practice doctoral programs, assist with approval process

Advanced practice doctoral programs, number of

Advertisements, public disclosure in

Bachelor's degree completion, improvement of

Black farmers, assessment of economic conditions of

Campus police and safety and security personnel, identify as separate entities

Career pathways, clarification of

Charter schools, authorizers of

Comprehensive universities, advanced doctoral programs, approval of

Comprehensive universities, advanced practice doctoral programs , approval of

Comprehensive universities, men's basketball teams, requirement to compete with each other

Construction procurement, competitive sealed bidding, requirement of

Construction, project labor agreements, prohibition of

Credential and degree completion, tracking of

Credit cards and personal debt management, requirement of instruction about

Disclosure requirements, clarification of

Education Cabinet, secretary, election of

Financial and board information, Web sites showing

Financial board information, Web sites showing

For-profit college advisory representative to Council on Postsecondary Education, election of

For-profit proprietary education, accountability of

Foster children, dual credit and dual enrollment courses, tuition waiver

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Systems information, public reporting of

Licensure of degree granting for-profit colleges, transfer of

Mandatory fees, clarification of

Master's degree for teachers, tax deduction for

Morehead State University, ROTC, Tudor, Wesley, honoring

Public universities, financial and contractual relationship records, access to

Public universities, non-Kentucky veterans, tuition rates for

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, recognizing

Scholarship eligible postsecondary student, definition of

Scholarships and grants, residency requirements for

State Board for Proprietary Education membership, appointment to

State funds, reporting requirements for expenditures, posting on Web site

Student Body Presidents, Board of

Student members, university boards

Tax increment financing, projects located in university research parks

Tuition, residency requirements for

Tuition waivers, foster children

UK Cooperative Extension Service, urban agriculture focus on

University of Kentucky, College of Law, Graham, Louise Everett, honoring

Western Kentucky University, doctoral program in physical therapy, approval of

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