Age requirement for mayors

Agricultural districts, small parcels, inclusion in

Antismoking ordinances

Charter county and unified local government, exemption of certain cities from

Charter county government, participation in

Cities of the fourth class or greater with track, casino gaming provisions

City license fees, set-off against county license fees

City ordinances and regulations for body piercing and tattooing, health and sanitation, provide for

Classification, Pembroke, city of the fifth class

Collective bargaining, certain cities to withdraw from

Community Emergency Relief Fund, urge increase in funding of

Complaints against police officers

Council and mayoral positions, minimum age requirement, lower

County ambulance service taxing districts, number of board members

County occupational tax offset, establish population determination date

Electrical inspection and licensure, local government participation in and task force on

Electrical inspection and licensure, local government participation in task force on

Elkhorn City, 100th anniversary, honor

Federal "Secure Communities" program, required use of

Fire districts, ceding territory to cities with regular fire departments

Fire protection service, provision of post annexation.

Firefighter, occupational disease, cancer

Firefighters, allow cities to adopt work rules as authorized by 29 U.S.C. sec. 207

Firefighters and EMS personnel, calculation of workers' comp wages, inclusion of scheduled overtime

Firefighters, cities may establish alternative work schedules, for

Firefighters, pre-existing collective bargaining agreements, preservation of

Firefighters' retirement contributions, court ordered, reimbursement program

Firefighters totally disabled in the line of duty, CPI adjustment to insurance payments

Hurstbourne Acres, reclassification

Insurance, procurement of, requirements for

Interstate mutual aid agreement

Interstate mutual aid agreement, liability, immunity from

Interstate mutual aid agreement, requirement of city council approval when city is involved

Kentucky Main Street program 2012 award winners, honoring

Kentucky Main Street program, honoring

Ky. Housing Corporation-funded multifamily housing, notification of construction

Landowner recreational use incentive programs, authorize

Licensing requirements, additional, forbidden of group homes

Local comprehensive plan, 401 facilities plan, agriculture district, factors considered for

Local firearms ordinances and restrictions, limits on

Local option elections, petition requirements, day of election, primary or regular election

Local taxation of business, standardized tax return forms

Members of a public entity, collective bargaining, permit for all employees

Merged governments, clarify non-member city and citizens rights

Merged governments, voting requirements for cities.

Merger of governments, additional procedures for

Occupational license fees, credit for city fees against county fees

Occupational license fees, limit to percentage basis

Petition for comprehensive study, requirements for

Petitions for local option elections, requirements for

Petitions for local referendum, requirements for

Planning and zoning, airport noise overlay district

Planning and zoning, airports, relationship to planning units

Preferential voting in elections, study of

Prescription drug drop off program, voluntary city participation in

Procurement options, expanding

Property tax, amend application of HB 44 provisions

Property tax bills, threshold amount for preparation of

Rates, collection of by sewer bodies, independent of cities.

Residential care facilities, licensing, preemption of local authority for stricter requirements

Residential care facilities, requests for information

Restaurant tax, apportionment of existing

Sale of alcoholic beverages on election days, ordinance to permit

Second class, boards of zoning adjustment

Solid waste taxing districts, collection of delinquent taxes or fees

Taxation of business, require a standard return form for all jurisdictions

Taxes, restaurant, eligible cities

Taylorsville, reclassify

Unclaimed body, cremation of

Unsolicited advertising, local governments, control of

Utilities, franchise bidder, prohibition on recovering franchise fee through fee or surcharge

Vehicles owned by, mandatory inspections of

Verification of immigration status, public contracts and public agencies

Waste Tire Working Group, add a member who is a mayor of a Kentucky city

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