Education, Finance

Appalachian coal county college completion fund, creation of

Appropriation, Council on Postsecondary Education, suspension

Appropriation, Kentucky State University, increase

Appropriation, SEEK, increase

Asset Resolution Corporation, creation of

Automated external defibrillators, funding for

Career and technical education centers transfer, district hold harmless

Career and technical education funds, disposition of

CERS, limit health reimbursement paid to the system by school districts for reemployed retirees

Charter school, transfer of funds to

Coal fields college completion program, counties eligible for

Coal fields college completion student services grant, institutions eligible for

Commonwealth school improvement fund, contributions

Early graduation trust fund, creation of

Funding adjustments, local districts

Green Schools Authority, established

Green Schools Authority, insurance required for financing from

High school early graduation certificate, definition of

High school early graduation certificate, reporting of recipients

KACC grant, non-participating institutions, provide eligibility for student use at

KEES scholarship, high school graduates and GED recipients, revise eligibility for

KEES scholarships base amount, raise minimum GPA to 3.0

KEES scholarships supplemental amount, raise minimum ACT test score to 18

KEES supplemental award for academic diploma, creation of

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, reporting requirements

Local taxation of business, standardized tax return forms

Mandates on public schools, financial support for

Occupational license fees, limit to percentage basis

Out-of-district enrollment of preschool children, preschool program funding distribution for

Out-of-district enrollment, SEEK Distribution for

Out-of-district pupils, tuition fees, prohibition of

Postsecondary affordability, require assessment of

Postsecondary funding, urge budget priority of

Preschool, children with disabilities, funding

Refugees and legal aliens over 21, SEEK funding, eligibility of

School buses, commercial advertising on

Science and mathematics advancement fund, use of

Southeastern Kentucky educational attainment fund, creation of

State operated secondary vocational education and technology center transfer, district hold harmless

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget Bill, Kentucky Community and Technical College System

Student Loan Corporation, collection of defaulted loans, authorization for garnishment

Students with Special Needs Scholarship Program, establishment of

Summer learnings camps, use of funds

Taxation of business, require a standard return form for all jurisdictions

Tuition and fee waiver, family members of veterans eligibility, time limitations for

University of Pikeville, public finance of

Veterans' organization, tangible personal property tax, exempt

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