Adjuster, requirement for filing proof of financial responsibility with commissioner, deletion

Annuities, authorization of commissioner to promulgate regulations relating to

Casualty and property insurance, cancellations based on credit history

Chiropractors, contract protections

Compensation, insurance consumer referral, not prohibited

Credit history, use of by insurers

Credit history, use of by insurers, prohibition

Credit history, use of, unfair or deceptive practice

Exempt commercial purchase, requirements

Exemption from comparison requirements with Master Death File

Firefighter disability payments, increase

Governmental nonprofit self-insured groups, insurance premium taxes and fees, exemption

Green Schools Authority, insurance required for financing from

Group life insurance, authority for insured to contribute to cost

Group life insurance, change in dependent definition

Group life insurance, definition of dependent

Health, chiropractic services, insurance reimbursement requirements

Health, coinsurance or copayment for chiropractor treatment, establish maximum percentage

Health, coverage of a specified disease "actual charge" definition, delete

Health, dental plan, establishment of fees for noncovered services, prohibition of

Health, fees for limited plan noncovered services, prohibit

Health, General Assembly to examine traumatic brain injury need for rehabiliation coverage, urge

Health, pharmacy audit confidentiality requirements, amendment of

Health, prescription drug step therapy or fail-first protocol, limitation

Health, refusal to agree to limits on fees for noncovered services not to affect agreement or fees,

Home medical equipment and services definition and fees, change in

Home medical equipment providers, Health care provider or provider definition, inclusion of

Industrial insured captive insurer, insurance code subtitles, subject to

Insurers, certificate of authority, expiration date

Insurers, expiration of certificate of authority, fine for reinstatement

Insurers, requirement for filing bond with commissioner, deletion

Insurers, requirement for filing financial statement with commissioner, deletion

Licensed consultant, authority for cash deposit with commissioner, deletion

Life, creditor's policy insuring debtor's life

Life, escheatment of unclaimed benefits, exemption of policies for preneed funeral contracts

Life insurance, definition of dependent

Life insurance, exemption from comparison requirements with Master Death File

Life, policies used to fund preneed funeral contracts or prearrangement

Life settlement provider, requirement for filing evidence of financial responsibility

Limited health service benefit plan, provider agreement

Limited health service benefit plan, provider agreement, restrict

Limited lines, portable electronics application form information requirements, establish

Limited lines, travel insurance, requirements,

Loss run statement, commercial property and casualty, provision on demand

Medicinal availability, religious or moral objections relating to

Motor vehicle, automobile guaranty provision in insurance code, cross-reference

Motor vehicle, chiropractic fees, reimbursement subject to workers' compensation fee schedule

Motor vehicle, glass repair and replacement, exempt from notice provision

Motor vehicle injuries, medical expenses, reimbursement subject to workers' compensation fees

Motor vehicle liability, commissioner of education, responsibility for

Motor vehicle, limited health service benefit plan reimbursement by reparation obligor, include

Motor vehicle, prohibited actions by agent or insurer relating to extraordinary life events, delete

Motor vehicle rental, cars to vehicles, change term

Motor vehicle reparation benefits, authority to direct reimbursement

Motor vehicle, restitution penalties for operating without insurance

NAIC, Holding Company Act updates, adoption

Nonadmitted insurer, requirements

Payments to firefighters totally disabled in line of duty, CPI adjustment

Pharmacy audit performed pursuant to provider agreement or contract, requirements for

Pharmacy audits, record retention requirements subject to federal regulations, addition of

Portable electron device insurance, licensure of retailer, authorize

Portable electronic devices, retailer licensing, requirements

Portable electronics, requirements for disclosures to customers, establish

Portable electronics retailer, penalty for violation of requirement, establish

Premium surcharge increase, delayed effective date

Procurement of, requirements for local entities

Property, roofing contractor entitled to usual and customary amount for repairs, require

Property, roofing contractor payment for service expected from insurance, clarify

Property, roofing contractor to be paid for repairs to prevent further damage, require

Roof repair, cancellation rights, notice of

Roofing contractor, action not prohibited, specify

Slayer statute, professional advice regarding

State self-insured retention fire and tornado fund, increase in ceiling amount

Surcharge, use of for local governments' payments for court ordered firefighter retirement payments

Surplus lines, capital and surplus amount

Surplus lines, requirements for bond termination, deletion

Title, agent licensing, requirement

Title, attorneys acting as agent, exemption

Travel insurance retailer, limited lines travel insurance producer, requirements

Travel insurance, travel retailer to offer and disseminate information, authorized

Travel retailers, definition to include receiving applications and premiums, revise

Unclaimed life insurance benefits

Unemployment, federal unemployment loans, interest payment provisions

Workers' compensation self-insured group, authority to contract and sue and be sued, provide

Workers' compensation subrogation, medical benefits added and legal fees deleted

Workers' compensation, various amendments of KRS Chapter 342

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