Land Use

Agricultural districts, five acres, inclusion of

Agricultural districts, small parcels, inclusion in

Boards of zoning adjustment, creation when in county containing consolidated local government

Brownfield redevelopment, clarify owner certifications and conditions for avoiding liability

Brownfield Redevelopment Program, clarify impact of future use, authority of cabinet, regulations

Brownfields Redevelopment Program, establishment of

Division of Forestry, honoring agency's 100th anniversary

Family farms, program to recognize

Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation funds, private nonprofits, grants to

Kentucky Heritage Land Trust Board, private land trust organizations, public grants to

Licensing requirements, additional local, forbidden of group homes

Planning and zoning, airport noise overlay district

Planning and zoning, airports, relationship to planning units

Residential care facilities, licensing, preemption of local authority for stricter requirements

Wild hog, release of prohibited, penalty

Workers' compensation subrogation, medical benefits added and legal fees deleted

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