Military Affairs and Civil Defense

Amend to add gender-neutral language

Benton, Brett Patrick, memorializing

Carroll, Sergeant Patrick Ryan, memorializing

Colonel Charles D. Young, urge Congress to posthumously promote to brigadier general

Deatherage, Harold B., honoring

Gibbs, Parvin, honoring

Good Samaritan law protection, extend to all persons

Health-care fees for military families, urge the President not to increase

HVAC, journeyman license with military experience, make provision for

Iraq/Afghanistan War Memorial, establishment of

Kentucky Blue Alert Network, creation of

Kentucky Medal for Freedom, eligibility

Kentucky Medal of Freedom, eligibility for honor

Kentucky National Guard, 100th anniversary of name change, honoring

Kentucky National Guard Adoption Assistance Program, creation of

Kentucky National Guard Adoption Assistance Program, establishment of

Kentucky Veterans' Hall of Fame, creation of

Meyer, Dakota, honoring

Military family assistance trust fund board, add new member, stagger terms for

Military service, disqualification because of tattoos, notice to patrons of tattoo facilities

Move federal terrorism trial from Bowling Green, Kentucky to the Guantanamo detention facility

Mullins, Specialist Brandon Scott, memorializing

Napier, Private First Class Dustin P., memorializing

Pickering, Private First Class Brandon T., memorializing

Prisoner of War and Missing in Action flag, definition of

Prisoners of war and missing in action, urge Congress to authorize investigation

Private industries, federal contracts, support, urging

Probate fees, estate of soldier killed in line of duty, exemption for

Public property, naming to honor individual or group

Purple Heart license plate, design requirements

Soldier, deceased, authority for final disposition of remains

State/Executive Branch Budget

Tattooing, Cabinet for Health and Family Services sign requirement, remove obligation for

Taylor, Specialist David W., memorializing

Unemployment benefits, disqualification for military spouses, deletion

U.S. Army Cadet Corps and Forest Hill Military Academy, designation of state emblem

Veterans affairs, fund personal loan program for

Visitation of veterans in hospitals, encourage procedure to allow by veteran service organizations

Voluntary military service, disqualification from for wearers of certain tattoos

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day, recognizing

Last updated: 8/27/2019 8:05 PM (EDT)