Public Records and Reports

Certified mail, definition of

Certified or registered mail, when required

Class D felony record, expungement of, procedure, exceptions

Criminal records expungement, exclusion from public record

Deeds in lieu of foreclosure, filing requirement

Definition of public agency, certain funds in determination of, exclusion of

Dissolution of marriage electronic forms, requirement for

Failure to report missing child

Grand jury, failure to indict,, record expungement of, procedure,

Kentucky Cancer Registry, open records law exemption

Minutes, draft copy to be available

National and State Background Check Program

Notify, definition of

Persons with writing disabilities, permit verbal communications to executive branch state entities

Persons with writing disabilities, permit verbal communications to state entities

Real estate, sale under judicial process, appraisal of

Registered mail, definition of

Report of dead child, increased penalty, report of missing child, creation of offense

Residential care facilities, information exempted from Open Records

School districts, student transportation costs to be placed on school Web site

State/Executive Branch Budget

Telephone utilities, report to Public Service Commission of outages

Uniform Indexing System, task force on created

Vital records, security of

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