Public Utilities

Agricultural districts, utility extensions proceedings, assessment for

Biomass facility, cost recovery for

Cellular antenna towers, reporting on-site backup power capability

Cities, franchise bidder, prohibition on recovering franchise fee through fee or surcharge

Coal ash impoundments, disposal, emergency action plans, requirements for

Damage protection, underground facility

Definitions, damage, mechanized equipment, revise

Electric rates for smelters

Expert witness fees, Attorney General, recovery of

Facilities, underground, protection of

Municipally owned electric generating facilities, renewable energy, use required

Net metering, eligibility expansion

Nuclear-based technologies, allow for some processes other than electricity production

Nuclear-based technologies, allowing for some processes other than electricity production

Pipeline safety, Public Service Commission, civil penalties, change of

Public Service Commission, confirmation, David L. Armstrong

Public Service Commission, determination of interest rates paid by utilities

Rates, collection of by sewer bodies, independent of cities.

Rates, collection of by water districts that provide sewer service

State/Executive Branch Budget

Telecom and broadband providers, PSC authority over, limitation of

Telecommunications, certain requirements for the CMRS fee 911 for prepaid cell services, removal of

Telephone utilities, outages, repair and reporting of

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