Waste Management

Coal combustion residuals, disposal, beneficial reuse, requirements and variance for

Municipal solid waste departments, exclusion from definition of secondary metals recycler

Municipal solid waste transporter licensee, exclusion from definition of secondary metals recycler

Prescription drug drop off program, water pollution prevention, cabinet program for

Prescription drugs and medicines, recycling grant funds, deletion of

Private entities, drug collection programs, no requirement for

Rates, collection of by water districts that provide sewer service

Recyclers and junkyards, nonferrous metal purchases, requirements for

Sanitation districts, levying rates, fees, or charges for storm drainage/water services

Solid waste taxing districts, collection of delinquent taxes or fees

Waste Tire Working Group, add county/judge executive and magistrate or commissioner to membership

Waste Tire Working Group and new tire fee, repeal of

Waste Tire Working Group, change membership of

Waste Tire Working Group, only allow travel-related expenses as compensation

Last updated: 8/27/2019 8:05 PM (EDT)