Military Affairs and Civil Defense

Bluegrass Station Division, built to suit lease by, authority for

Bluegrass Station Division, built-to-suit lease by, authority for

Bobay, Technical Sergeant Harley, recognition of

Change of name, jurisdiction over

Concealed carry license, use of military training for

Concealed weapon carry license, length of residency, approval time

Culpepper, Jolene, honoring

Department of Veterans' Affairs, veterans' program trust fund, management of

Elections, Military and Overseas Voting Assistance Task Force, creation of

Eligibility criteria, Kentucky Medal for Freedom, expansion of

Emergency medical technician and firefighter certification, reciprocity for military training

Faust, Corporal Aaron M., memorializing

Finison, Major D. Shane, honoring

Floyd, Sergeant Charles, member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, honoring

Foster, Master Sergeant Sharon, 2013 Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year, honoring

Honor and Remember Flag, urge adoption of

Honor and Remember, Inc., support of

Huynh, Master Sergeant Bao, 2013 Kentucky Air National Guard Outstanding Honor Guard Member

Ison, Captain Shannon D., honoring

Jones, Sergeant John R., memorializing

Kentucky Code of Military Justice, creation of additional crimes

Kentucky Code of Military Justice, Kentucky National Guard, revisions for

Kentucky Medal for Freedom, eligibility

Kentucky National Guard, staff

Lafronza, Senior Airman Vincenzo, 2013 Kentucky Air National Guard Outstanding Airman of the Year

Member of the military, deceased, authority for final disposition of remains

Military voters, absentee ballot provisions, changes to

Misrepresentation of military status, criminal act, requirement for monetary gain

Purple Heart license plate, design requirements

Purple Heart State, designation as

Receipt of absentee ballots from military-overseas voters, methods for

Roy, Master Sergeant Kevin, 2013 Kentucky Air National Guard First Sergeant of the Year, honoring

Run for the Wall, honoring

Special military service academy license plates, establishment of

Taylor, Specialist David W., memorializing

Uniform Military and Overseas Voters Act, enact

Urban-county governments, civil service, veterans hiring preference, expansion of

VA Medical Center in Southeastern Kentucky, urge the establishment of

Veterans Remembered Flag, urge adoption of

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