Special Districts

Athletics, emergency, training for, establishment

County consolidation, special taxing districts, creation of

Development, sewer or storm water facilities, corrective action

Fees, amend definition

Fire Districts, ad valorem taxes, referendum for additional

Fire districts, fire protection services in annexed or incorporated territory

Insurance, procurement, bids for

Library board members, prohibit from also serving as an elected official

Library district boards, county judge/executive appointments to

Library districts, counties with consolidated local governments, fiscal court creation of, exclude

Public library district, alternative method of creation

Purchasing, project labor agreements in, prohibition against use of

Reporting to fiscal courts, delay effective date

Require special purpose governmental entities to report fees and rates to city governing bodies

Special purpose governmental entities, fees paid to the Department for Local Government

Tax and fee increases, submission to cities and counties, requirement of

Wine and malt beverage sampling, downtown management district events allowing

Wine sampling, downtown management district events allowing

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