Commendations and Recognitions

Bourbon Heritage Month, September designated as

Cheser, Karen, Administrator of the Year, honoring

Day, Jenna, honoring

Dover Baptist Church, honoring

Essex Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, honoring

Galloway, Pete, School Administrators' Distinguished Service Award, honoring

Hall, Coach Joe B., recognizing

Harper's Country Hams, honoring

Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility, honoring

Hitzfield, Tim, Administrator of the Year, honoring

Markey Cancer Center, honoring

Nitz, Kirsten, honoring

Powell, Loretta, honor and commend

Pullin, Representative Tanya, recognition of

Sexual Assault Awareness Month, designating

Talley, Emma, 2013 United States Women's Amateur Golf Champion, recognize

University of Louisville Cardinal Singers, winning best choir

Wakins, Dr. David, honoring

Wells, K., Fairchild, A., Russell, A., Roberts, S., Mills, H., Greene, S., honoring

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