Actuarial Analysis

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers, pay equality

Emergency overtime, require Secretary of Personnel to promulgate administrative regulations on

Insurance, offer plan option equivalent to Medicaid benefits

Kentucky Public Charter School Commission trust fund, establish

Kentucky public pension stabilization fund, establishment of

Kentucky Retirement Systems, housekeeping bill

Kentucky Retirement Systems, limitation on creditable compensation growth

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, Housekeeping Bill

Public Pension Oversight Board, add KTRS, LRP, and JRP to oversight functions

Public Pensions Oversight Board, study transferring adm. of Judicial and Legislative plans to KRS

Retirement, certain KERS & CERS agencies allowed to cease participation

Retirement, certain KERS agencies allowed to cease participation

Retirement, forfeiture of pension benefits

Retirement, require state retirement systems to disclose retirement account information

Sales or use tax on remote sales, Kentucky Retirement Systems unfunded liability trust fund

Sales or use tax on remote sales, state-administered retirement system unfunded liability trust fund

State agencies, overtime pay, authorized hours worked, counted as, time off at direction of agency

State-administered retirement systems, actuarial reporting requirements

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