Alcoholic Beverages

Beverage cups, product or component bans, prohibition of

Brandy and fortified wine license, small farm winery may apply for

Brandy and wine spirits, allow small farm wineries to produce

Charitable organization, special temporary malt beverage license, make requirement for

Cities in the same county as a consolidated local government, alcohol sales jurisdiction of

City classification system reform

Concealed carry, licensure and carrying of

Dates and times of sale by eligible cities, date of eligibility

Distilled spirits industry, tax credits for

Distilled spirits wholesale tax, remove

DUI, admissibility of controlled substance testing

DUI, per se level reduced from 0.08 to 0.05

DUI service fee, amount and usage of

Ignition interlock license, provisions for

Income tax credit, distillers

Licensing and regulation of alcoholic beverages, various changes to

Loaded firearms, limited prohibition against possession while consuming alcoholic beverages

Local option election, cost of

Local option elections, day of primary or regular election

Malt beverages, distribution of

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated, propelling a vehicle by muscular power exempted from

Overdoses, Good Samaritan immunity for reporting of

Passenger alcohol consumption, prohibitions relating to

Penalties for juveniles, change of

Public assistance benefits, prohibited purchases

Regulatory fees, city and county imposition of

Regulatory license fees on sales, eligible cities, date of eligibility

Sales limitations within alcohol impact areas

Shock probation, prohibit, DUI death

Small farm wineries, Sunday sales, authorization of

State parks, local option election to sell alcoholic beverages at

State waterways, consumption of alcoholic beverages by passengers on

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