Civil Procedure

Abortion performed on a minor, limitation of judicial bypass to Kentucky residents

Abortion, prohibition at 20 weeks of fetal development

Abortion, ultrasound requirements, malpractice

Abused or neglected child, custody of, notice to schools

Animal care trusts, formation and administration of

Appeals of planning and zoning decisions, timeline and bond requirements for

Child support, guidelines table, update of

Child visitation and parental rights, rapists, denial of

Clarifying procedure for juvenile offenders.

Court process, service through Secretary of State

Domestic violence, assault, stalking, and crime victims, real property protections relating to

Domestic violence, care and custody of pets

Domestic violence, coverage of dating couples

Domestic violence proceedings, extension to dating couples

Eminent domain, valuation of contiguous parcels

Expert physician witnesses, expert witness certificate program, creation

Expunge charge or conviction, result of human trafficking

False Claims Act, creation of

Foreign law, application of, protection of rights

Grandparent visitation, establishment of

Judgment interest, calculation and allowance of

Juvenile and family courts, public proceedings, pilot project

Medical review panel, utilization in health care provider litigation

Nonprofit Corporation Act, adoption of

Nonprofit LLC, provide for the creation and administration

Notice and hearing, dogs and cats, impoundment

Offender employment and licensure, requirements applying to

Oil and gas pipelines, eminent domain authority relating to

Parental rights, loss of, felony conviction

Patent infringement, bad-faith claims of

Period of limitation, revolving credit plans, exemptions

Pipeline construction, limitation on condemnation authority

Procedure for filing status and public offense cases, change of

Protective orders, extension of

Removal of civil actions, calculation of expenses

Restraining order, victim of sex offense

Spousal exemption, priority of fund allocation

Therapy, expedited partner, establishing

Uniform Trust Code, adoption of

Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act, adoption of

Written contracts, statute of limitations for

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