Economic Development

Angel investor tax credit program, creation of

Bluegrass Station Division, defense industries

Bonds, industrial revenue; reinvestment in manufacturing sites

Coal exports, Cabinet for Economic Development promotion of

Coal mining or processing companies, tax incentives for

Coal severance tax receipts, amend distribution thereof through the LGEDF and LGEAF funds

Coal severance tax receipts, distribute directly to fiscal courts for use in economic development

Distilled spirits industry, tax credits for

Economic Development Partnership Board

Endow Kentucky tax credit, create categories for rural and urban focus gift credits

Enhanced incentive counties, angel investments in

Entrepreneur-in-residence program, establishment of

Entrepreneurship, encouragement of

Kentucky Business Investment Act, incentives for coal mining or processing

Kentucky Economic Development Partnership, references to

Kentucky Enterprise Initiative Act, include community development projects

Kentucky Enterprise Initiative Act, incentives for coal mining or processing

Kentucky Industrial Revitalization Act, allow incentives for supplemental projects

Kentucky Investment Fund Act, credit cap, amendment of

Kentucky Jobs Retention Act, expand eligibility for incentive projects

Ky Reinvestment Act incentives, expand eligibility

Local transient room tax, allow urban-counties to impose additional tax for certain purposes

Local transient room tax, allow urban-counties to impose additional tax to support development

New Markets Development Program, amend requirements and increase tax credit cap

Nuclear power facilities, construction moratorium, removal of

Reorganization, Cabinet for Economic Development, Partnership Resolution 13-03

Reporting, incentive programs

Small Business Tax Credit Program, simplify and streamline provisions

Tax incentives, require review of

Tax increment financing, definition of qualifying mixed-use projects, amend

Tax increment financing, mixed-use development

Tourism Development Act incentives, allow for extension of certain projects

Tourism development, establish promotion incentive

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities

United Nations Agenda 21 regarding sustainable development, prohibition of

Urban renewal, merged and consolidated governments

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