General Assembly

Adjournment, 2014 Session until April 14, 2014

Adjournment, sine die

Administrative regulations, constitutional amendment, permit to approve or disapprove

Administrative regulations found deficient, adoption prohibition of

Administrative regulations with major economic impact, establishment of delayed effective date for

Annual training, workplace harassment prevention; required to attend

Appropriation power of the General Assembly, prohibition against infringement

Campaign contributions, employers of legislative agents, contributions from, prohibition against

Campaign contributions, employers or agents, contributions from, prohibition against

Casino gaming, authorization to approve

Committee members, reports referred, information about

Committee on Legislative Redistricting

Constitutional amendment, Chief Justice to have redistricting duty

Constitutional amendment, compensation suspended

Constitutional amendment, special session compensation suspended

Constitutional amendment, terms of members, limits on

Contract Review Committee, contingency fee legal services contracts, report on

Convention, calling of

Delegates to US Constitution Convention, appointment of

Display, national motto "In God We Trust" in Senate Chamber and committee rooms

Former legislators, employment restrictions in a position covered by Kentucky Retirement Systems

Gaming, authority to approve

General fund supported debt limitations, establishing

House of Representatives, committee to wait upon the Governor, appointment of

House of Representatives, pastors, invitation to

House of Representatives Rules, adoption of

House Tobacco Task Force, reauthorization of

In God We Trust, motto, display of

Incompatible office, special purpose governmental entity with authority to levy taxes

Incompatible offices, any two with authority to levy taxes

Incompatible offices, any two with authority to levy taxes or set rates or fees

Insurance, end coverage and benefits for legislators effective 1/1/2015

Interscholastic athletics, legislative review of rules, regulations, and bylaws of managing agency

Kentucky Capital Punishment Integrity Task Force, establishment of

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System Task Force, establishment of

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment and Redistricting Commission, proposal, consideration of

Legislative Branch Budget

Legislative Ethics Commission, adjudicatory proceeding, reopening of

Legislative Ethics Commission, sexual and workplace harassment, training to include

Legislative ethics, definition of legislator, prohibited conduct, harassment

Legislative ethics, "no cup of coffee" rule

Legislative ethics, out-of-sate events, payment for, prohibition against

Legislative ethics, out-of-state events, payment for, prohibition against

Legislative ethics, promotional items, definition of

Legislative Research Commission Employees, rewards for cost-saving ideas implemented

Legislative Research Commission, sexual harassment, employees, reporting by

Legislators, restrict retirement account consolidation

Legislators' Retirement Plan, actuarial reporting requirements

Legislators' Retirement Plan, ban placement agents and require adherence to state contract laws

Mandates on public schools, financial support for

Medical review panel process, waiver of

Member wrongdoing, certain leaders to be informed within 48 hours

Members, orientation course for, length of and dates for

Members, workplace harassment, training on

Moore, Rep. Timothy D., promotion to Colonel in US Air Force Reserve, honor

Motor fuels taxes, require General Assembly action for any change to

Notification of proposed legal settlements to be submitted to the General Assembly and others

Personnel, direction for implementation of budget reduction measures

Primary filing deadlines, change date to end of December

Proposed constitutional amendments, special sessions, agreement of leadership

Public Pension Oversight Board, add KTRS, LRP, and JRP to oversight functions

Public Pension Oversight Board, appointments made by Speaker and President, increase

Public-private partnerships, require ratification of

Racial impact statement, legislation, preparation for

Retirement, forfeiture of pension benefits

Retirement, limitation on creditable compensation growth

Retirement, require the Legislators' Retirement Plan to disclose retirement account information

Retirement, restrict account consolidation

Retirement, study transferring adm. of the Legislators' Retirement Plan to KRS

Roll call vote for appropriation or revenue measure, requirement for

Rules, House of Representatives

Salaries of legislators constitutional amendment establishing commission to set

Senate committee to wait upon the Governor, appointment of

Senate confirmation, commissioners of Insurance and Workers' Claims appointment, delete requirement

Senate, membership of, establishment

Senate, pastors, invitation to

Senate Rules, adoption of

Sessions, proposed constitutional amendments

Sessions, proposed constitutional amendments, compensation for members

Sessions, proposed constitutional amendments, legislation carried over

Sessions, proposed constitutional amendments, number of legislative days

Speaker and President, certain legal actions, right to intervene in

Study of centralized voting centers, report by November 30, 2014

The first day the Kentucky Senate has had two African-American Senators, commemorating

Timber Theft and Trespass Reduction Task Force, establishment of

Transportation Cabinet, urge to work with Interim Committees on billboard regulations

United States Constitution, Article V convention to consider balanced federal budget, call for

United States Constitutional conventions, calling of

Workplace harassment prevention, training, requirement of

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