Advisory Council for Medical Assistance, technical advisory commitee on pharmacy, create

Benefit cards, photo ID required

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, appointment of secretary

Community mental health centers, to be payment based on cost-based prospective payment system

Correctional facilities, payments, processes, and prohibitions relating to

Electronic health records system, state

Eligibility for benefits, substance abuse screening

False Claims Act, creation of

Foster children, medical care, provide for

Heroin addiction, encourage study

Heroin addiction, study, encouragement of

Life settlement contract, proceeds for long-term-care of recipient

Life settlement for long term care, increase final expense reserve and make permissive

Life settlement for Medicaid purposes, increase final expense reserve requirement

Long term care facilities, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of

Long-term-care contract, notice of exhaustion of proceeds for Medicaid eligibility

Medicaid applicant information, require cabinet to provide information about life insurance options

Medicaid managed care organization, appeal rights

Medical laboratory results, reporting to patient

Medication synchronization, permit

Primary care, coverage at community mental health centers

School and Head Start-based dental programs, Medicaid managed care reimbursement

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget, Medicaid

State/Executive Branch Budget, Medicaid Benefits and Health Benefit Exchange

Suboxone, require MCOs to reimburse administration methods equally

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