Public Utilities

Acquisition of water or sewer utilities, valuation of assets, rate base calculation

City classification system reform

Coal ash impoundments, disposal, emergency action plans, requirements for

Deregulation, telecom

Electric distribution surface installations, coal mine reclamation, removal of

Electric generation facility, public meeting to be held in affected counties

Electric plant boards, new governing boards

Electrical power lines, requirement to remove, coal mine sites, exemptions from

Federally regulated municipal utilities, amend reporting requirements

Fossil fired electric generating units, carbon dioxide, performance standards, regulation of

Generating facilities, unregulated, setback requirements, public meeting

Kentucky Infrastructure Authority, membership, change of

Kentucky River Authority, membership, for-profit water utility, proscription for

Merchant generating facilities, notice to Attorney General, setback requirements

Merchant generating facilities, public meetings required

Merchant generating facilities, setback requirements

Municipalities, electricity, renewable sources required

Net metering, eligible electric generating facility, increase rated capacity

Nuclear fuel, spent, plan for storage

Public Service Commission, confirmation, Linda K. Breathitt

Public Service Commission, delivery of orders

Public Service Commission, election of commissioners

Public Service Commission, electronic service of orders, exception for

Public Service Commission, multistate transactions

Public Service Commission, multi-state transactions

Ratemaking, natural gas utility may recover portion of cost of buildout to fueling station

Reporting requirements under KRS Chapter 65A

Retail electric suppliers, 30-day supply of fuel required

Sewer corporations, notice of rate change, repeal

State/Executive Branch Budget

Telecom deregulation, carrier-to-carrier, anti-competitive practices

Telecom deregulation; restore some PSC jurisdiction

Telecommunications, basic local exchange service, 60 days notice requirement

Telecommunications, deregulation of

Telecommunications, resolution of consumer complaints by Public Service Commission

Underground Facility Damage Act of 1994, Kentucky Contact Center

Underground Facility Damage Prevention Act of 1994, fine, hazardous material facilities

Underground Facility Prevention Act of 1994, Kentucky Contact Center

Utility franchise fees, cities may refuse utilities the ability to recover from customers

Utility shut-off protection, Public Service Commission, administrative regulations

Utility shut-off protection, qualifications, requirements

Water commissions, capital expenditures

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