Taxation, Property

Certificates of delinquency, nullification after 11-year period

Cities, publication costs of delinquent taxes, proration of

Delinquent tax debts, absolution of personal liability upon expiration of the lien upon the property

Exemption from state and local property tax for certain data center equipment

Interest calculation for tax overpayments and underpayments, modification of

Junked vehicles, require check for delinquent taxes prior to surrendering title

Land bank authorities, obtaining tax delinquent property, process for

Local, amend application of HB 44 provisions

Local Board of Assessment Appeals, allow deputy county judge/executive to administer oath

Local government energy project assessments, allow for the imposition thereof

Local property tax, exempt recreational vehicles held for sale by a retailer, January 1, 2015

Motor vehicles, valuation appraisal standards for

Public library district, ad valorem tax

Real estate, freeze rate

Recreational vehicles, exempt from local property taxation

Tax delinquency diversion program, establish

Tax increment financing, definition of qualifying mixed-use projects, amend

Technical corrections

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities

Unmined minerals tax, collection, permit to extract, requirement for collection of

Valuation appraisal standards for certain older motor vehicles

Valuation appraisal standards for motor vehicles

Valuation standards for used motor vehicle, clarification

Valuation standards for used vehicle, clarification

Valuation standards for used vehicle, clarification of

Volunteer fire departments, increase in levies for

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