Academic content standards, local supplementation of

Academic content standards, school council supplementation of

America's Legislators Back to School Program, kick-off week, establishment of

Bowling, Ella, Kentucky Teacher of the Year

Career and Technical Education Month, recognizing

Charter schools, employees of

Child sexual abuse and assault, required training to recognize

Civic education, study of

Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, prohibit use of

Computer programming language, qualification for foreign language requirement

Continuing service contract, termination or suspension of

Contract days, completion of

CPR training in high school, requirement for

Dr. Faurest Coogle, honoring

Due process appeal procedures, hearing officer appeal

Early child care and education providers rating system, implementation of

Financial literacy course, provide instruction in

Financial literacy, include instruction in electronic commerce

Financial literacy, provide instruction in

Full-time employees, health insurance contribution, eligibility for

Gender neutral language

Gender-neutral language

Good Samaritan law protection, extend to all persons

High school, extension of eligibility through age 21

Hiring of, preference given to regular certification

Incidents involving knives or firearms, reporting of

Instructional hours after June 6, 2014, waiver provided for

Interscholastic extracurricular activities, participation in

Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education, recognition of

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System Task Force, establishment of

Mann Elementary, National Blue Ribbon School, honoring

Music In Our Schools Month, proclaiming

New continuing contract status process, establishment of

Nonteaching time, required

Persistently low-achieving schools, charter school option for

Principal's spouse, employment of

Professional meetings, permit attendance

Refugees and legal aliens, services for

Religious viewpoints, expression of by students

Religious viewpoints, student expression of

Required nonteaching time, proportional reduction

Retired, honoring

Retirement, forfeiture of pension benefits

Saturday instructional time, schools prohibited from

School calendar, adjustments to

School emergency response plan, requirement to include violent intruder threats

School holidays, Veterns Day

School instructional days, provide waiver of

School meal program, access to same meal offering

School-based decision making councils, meetings of

School-based decision making councils, teacher member, requirements for

SEEK funds, prohibition of withholding as a punitive measure

Sexual abuse awareness training

Special education, eligibility through end of school year in which student has 21st birthday

Special education, extension of eligibility through age 21

Substitute teacher, employment of

Tribunal, increase membership

Unexpended SEEK funds, distribution and use of

Veterans Day, require commemoration of

Winter holidays, celebration of

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