Courts, District

Assisted outpatient treatment, establish court orders for

Capital sentencing system, omnibus revisions to

Child committed to the custody of the Commonwealth, provisions for

Child support, guidelines table, update of

Conditional discharge of portions of certain misdemeanor sentences, mandatory

Costs of extradition, allow the sentencing court to require a convicted person to pay

Drug courts, discretionary expungement of offenses relating to

Emergency protective orders, expungement of records when petition dismissed

Expungement, allow for criminal charges which have been dismissed

Expungement and criminal records, eligibility, process, standards, and protections

Expungements, misdemeanor, alter requirements for

Guardianship, Custodianship, Civil Commitment, and Mental Competency Task Force, create

Indigency, determination of

Inmates, time frame for waiver of fees and court costs in civil action

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, increased funding for

Interpersonal protective orders, establishment of

Judicial compensation, setting of

Judicial redistricting, requirements relating to

Juvenile courts, public proceedings, pilot project

Liens against real estate; release of

Patient agreed orders, expand treatment options for orders, require reporting

Patient agreed orders, treatment options and reporting requirements

Retired judges and justices, per diem salary for temporary active service

Trespass, court order preventing

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