Elections and Voting

Absentee voting, voters who cannot appear at the polls due to age, disability, or illness

Call on Congress to propose constitutional amendment limiting campaign expenditures

Campaign finance, reports, timing of

Campaign reports, single threshold, establishment of

Candidate filing papers, change filing deadline

Candidates, issues, and Web site printed in newspaper, requirement of

Committee on Legislative Redistricting, develop plans for districts

Constable, constitutional amendment allowing legislative body of county to abolish office of

Constitutional amendment, change election year of statewide constitutional officers

Constitutional amendment, change election year of statewide constitutional offices

Constitutional amendment, elimination of Office of Judge of County Court in merged local governments

Constitutional amendment, gaming

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, administrative regulations, permit final say

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, compensation suspended

County clerk to redact Social Security numbers of voter registration record, before duplication

County clerk, voter registration records, redact Social Security numbers

County consolidation, funds for special election, from state

County consolidation, special election for

Elected officials, filing deadline change for

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide

Filing deadline for independent candidates and third-party candidates, change of

Local option election, primary or regular election, day holding of

Local option elections, cost of

Local option elections, costs if not on primary or regular election day

Local option elections, posting of bond if question not on primary or regular election ballot

Local option question election, paid by county or group circulating petition

Local option question on ballot during primary or regular election, permitted to include

Poll workers, student election assistants

Primary election day, allowance for schools to be open on

Public financing for Supreme Court judicial races, establishment of

Redistricting, local government districts, allow deferral until after General Assembly redistricting

Redistricting, standards for, proposed constitutional amendment

School board, certification of election to

Signs, posting of, regulation of

Three-year interval before restoration of voting rights, upon certain conditions

Voter registration, electronic system established

Voter registration forms, timely if received by county clerk by 4 p.m. before registration closes

Voter registration, registered voters moving to new county, vote in precinct of prior residence

Voting rights, prohibitions relating to

Voting rights, restructure limitations on

Write-in candidates, county offices, unsuccessful primary candidates, prohibited, regular

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