Firearms and Weapons

Concealed carry application, senior citizens, discounts for

Concealed carry license, authority as to legislators

Concealed carry license, qualifying education classes

Concealed carry license, requirements for

Concealed carry permit military and federal peace officers under 21 years

Concealed carry training, applicant course fees

Concealed carry, training, applicant course fees

Concealed carry training, certificates of completion

Concealed carry training, handgun cleaning

Concealed carry training, instructor trainer course fees

Concealed carry training materials to be updated every 3 years

Concealed carry training, senior citizens, discounts for

Concealed deadly weapons, permit, allow Corrections employees to waive training

Drone surveillance or use of armed drones by certain entities, prohibition

Federal laws and rules, invalidate

Felon possession restrictions, exclusion of expunged offenses

Firearms designed to appeal to children, regulation of

Firearms, sale at flea markets and gun shows of

Government owned, sale of

Gun safety and violence prevention, study of

Local governments, personnel, firearms controls in course of official duties

Local knife ordinances and restrictions, limits on

NRA special license plate, establishment of

Public hospitals, regulation of

Second amendment and firearms, protection of

Unlawful possession of, illegal aliens

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