Casino gaming, constitutional amendment to permit

Charitable gaming, electronic pulltabs use in

Charitable gaming, electronic video gaming device defined

Charitable gaming, licensing of

Charitable gaming, use of electronic pulltabs in

Devices and penalties

Electronic video gaming device, definition, technical correction for

Gaming, amendment allowing General Assembly to authorize

Historical racing, allocation of money wagered

Historical racing, uses of excise tax on

Horse racing, losing mount fees for Thoroughbred jockeys

International horse racing event, pari-mutuel excise tax exemption for

Legislative intent, expression of

Lottery games, prohibit credit card payment for on-line games

Pari-mutuel wagers, exemption from tax for international horse racing event

Problem and Pathological Gamblers Awareness and Treatment Program, establishment of

Shared lottery games, commend lottery corporation for working on

Shared lottery games, definition of

Shared lottery games, exemption from gambling prohibitions

Simulated gambling program, prohibition of

Technical correction

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