Insurance, Health

Air ambulance coverage, require notice of and cost of coverage if provided

Air ambulance service, notice requirement for

Alcohol and other drug abuse treatment, require coverage

Animal cruelty, health care requirement

Change of provider contract, face-to-face meeting with providers

Colon cancer screening, eliminate barriers

Colon cancer screening, elimination of barriers

Group pools, formation of

Insurance policy changes, establish procedures for

Nationally recognized accreditation organization, definition of

Opioid analgesic and abuse-deterrent analgesic drug products, requirements

Optometrist services, equal reimbursement for

Out-of-state health benefit plans, purchase of

Penalties and fines, not to be used to compel participation

Pharmacy benefits managers, licensure

Prescription drug costs, insureds maximum out-of-pocket expenditure, establish

Reorganization, Office of the Kentucky Health Benefit and Health Information Exchange

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