Adams, Glenn Ricky, memorializing

Angelucci, Armand, memorializing

Arnold, Dr. Louis W., memorializing

Arnold, Dr. Louis Walker, memorializing

Arnold, Rev. Walter Lee, memorializing

Ashby, F3c Welborn Lee, designate a portion of KY 69 in Ohio County in honor of

Baird, Marlyn Kelly, memorializing

Baker, Pvt. Frank, designate bridge on KY 699 in Leslie County in honor of

Baker, Thomas Martin, memorializing

Ballard, Sherry, memorializing

Bandy, Leslie "Les" Edward, memorializing

Bayers, Jackson Richards, memorializing

Bechtel, Steve, memorial road naming designation

Bell, Rev. Earl S., memorializing

Bingham, Hilda Birdsong, memorializing

Blakeman, Joseph Patrick "Joe Pete," memorializing

Boggs, Eli, designation of bridge in Perry County in honor of

Boggs, Sonny Lynn, memorializing

Bostic, Timothy Clyde, memorializing

Bowling, Allen Lee, memorializing

Bradley, Darrell Clyde, memorializing

Buckles, Dr. James Reno, memorializing

Burks, Joseph C. Sr., memorializing

Bustos, Samantha Kaye, memorializing

Carl, Brandon William, memorializing

Carrico, Louis Bertrand, memorializing

Carroll, Charlann Harting, memorializing

Castle, Larry Douglas, memorializing

Caudill, Betty Jean, memorializing

Chaffins, Terry D., memorializing

Clarke, William Rees Jr., memorializing

Collins, Kathleen, memorializing

Combs, Alcie Ann Howard, memorializing

Combs, Bennett David, memorializing

Combs, Geraldine H. "Geri," memorializing

Coomes, Sgt. William Michael, designate bridge in honor of in Hopkins County

Crawford, Col. (Ret.) Byron Douglas, memorializing

Critchfield, Opal C., memorializing

Dean, Arvetta Dorcas Plank, memorializing

DeSimone, Dr. Kenneth Joseph Salvatore Anthony, memorializing

Deters, Jed K., memorializing

Duerstock, Marvin A., memorializing

Duncan, Robert J. "Bob," memorializing

Dwyer, Flora Lee "Sally" Bowers, memorializing

Ecklar, Carlene Todd Denny, memorializing

Edwards, J.W. "Bill," memorializing

Elmer "Kebo"Keathley Memorial Bridge, Pike County, designation of

Farmer, Carlisle Chenault, memorializing

Farmer, William Philip (Ret.), memorializing

Felker, Gerald Franklin, memorializing

Ferguson, James Paul, memorializing

Finch, Alan Edwin Sr., memorializing

Fischer, John C., memorializing

Flick, Robert A. Bob, memorial highway designation

Flick, Robert A. "Bob," memorializing

Ford, Senator Wendell Hampton, memorializing

Frakes, Lee R., memorializing

Fugitt, Linda Curtright, memorializing

Gearheart-Gross, Jane Elizabeth, memorializing

Goold, Thelma Marie, memorializing

Grannis, Billy Bruce, memorializing

Gray, Constance Butler McAuley, memorializing

Gribbins, David Earl, memorializing

Grider, Anthony Lynn "Tony," memorializing

Grigsby, Gregory Sylvester, memorializing

Grubbs, Anne Blane, memorializing

Hall, William "Billy" Garland, memorializing

Ham, Ira James "Jim," memorializing

Hamm, James Douglas "Doug," memorializing

Hardman, Joe Coons Jr., memorializing

Harrod, Elizabeth Marguerite, memorializing

Haywood, Joseph E. "Joe," memorializing

Heinisch, William Ray, memorializing

Herrington, Nina Dean, memorializing

Higgs, Mary Lee Williams, memorializing

Holley, Lois Anne Carter, memorializing

Honorary road naming, omnibus resolution

Hoover, Bobbie June, memorializing

House, Lennie Gene, memorializing

Huddleston, Eddie Ray, designate bridge in honor of in Harlan County

Huff, Edith Kidd, memorializing

Hulsey, Dr. Timothy K., memorializing

Hurst, Savannah Grace "Gracie," memorializing

Insko, Wilma Frances Blake, memorializing

Jackson County Veterans Highway, designation

Jackson, Kimberly Jo, memorializing

Jennings, Mildred Faith, memorializing

Johnson, Gary E., memorializing

Kessler, Sybil Hortense Bridgewater, memorializing

Kimbrough, Clarence II, memorializing

King, James O. "Jim," Jr.

King, James O. "Jim" Jr., memorializing

King Jr., Dr Martin Luther, designate Adair county highway in honor of

Knopp, Samuel "Sam" Donald, memorializing

Landis, Mary Linda Graham, memorializing

Leftwich, Colva Ray, memorializing

Lewis, Dorothy Lile, memorializing

Lewis Jr., Charles Rates, designate highway in memory of in Daviess County

Lincoln, Abraham, designate Interstate 65 new downtown Louisville bridge in honor of

Little, N. Clayton, memorializing

Lockhart, Utah Speaker Rebecca D., memorializing

Long, Ali Nicole, memorializing

Mack, Joel C., memorializing

Marston, Thelma Roland, memorializing

Massey, Jr., Private 1st Class Anthony, adjourn in honor of

McKay, Patrick J. IV, memorializing

McLendon, Ethel L., memorializing

Meadows, Gwendolyn Ferguson and Richard "Dick," memorializing

Meadows, James Grant, memorializing

Miller, Kenneth Michael "Mike," memorializing

Miniard, Denver and Irene, designate Perry County bridge in honor of

Mitchell Allen Memorial Bridge, designate in Perry County

Mosley, Kenneth, memorial bridge designation

Mynhier, Walter R., memorializing

Nelson, Major Andrew Lewis "Tommy," memorializing

Newberg, Vicki Ginn, memorializing

Nickles, Officer Regina, memorial highway designation

Noland, Clarence D. "C.D." Jr., memorializing

Osborne, James Jackson "Jack," memorializing

Palmer, John Michael, memorializing

Palmer, Linda W., memorializing

Parritt, Reverend Jerry Robert, memorializing

Potter, Chester Delbert, memorializing

Pryor, Jeremy, memorializing

Pvt. Amos Damron Memorial Highway, designate in Pike County

Pyles, Elizabeth Luellen, memorializing

Rai, Suk Man and Chuwan, Chita, memorializing

Ratliff, Myrtle, memorializing

Rattliff, Herman W., memorializing

Reed, Phyllis Alexander, memorializing

Rhoads, Burke Jevon, memorializing

Ridner, Calvin, memorializing

Roberts, John Stewart "Jay," memorializing

Runyon, John Paul, memorializing

Sgt. Ralph R. Swim Memorial Highway in Rowan County, designation of

Shuffett, Dr. Robert L., memorializing

Sidebottom, James Keith, memorializing

Simmons, Dr. Robert, memorializing

Simon, James Martin, memorial highway designation

Simpson, Singleton "Garry," memorializing

Snider, James B. "Buddy," memorializing

Sousley, Private Franklin Runyon, memorializing

SP5 Charles Francis Millay Memorial Highway, designate in Daviess County

Spencer, Hewen, designate Floyd County roadway in honor of

Stewart, Dr. John Poage II, memorializing

Stewart, Joe, memorializing

Stumbo, Joyce Raye, memorializing

Swope, Sam, memorializing

Tabor, L.C., memorializing

Tackett, Marlow, urging inclusion to U.S. 23 Country Music Highway signage

Talley, Christopher Stoess, memorializing

Terry, PFC Ralph Paul, designate bridge on KY 91 in Morgan County in honor of

Traugott, Marshall, memorializing

Trent, Chase Ryan, memorial highway designation

Trimble, Judge James Darrell "J.D.," memorializing

Turner, Michael Hall, memorializing

UMWA President John L. Lewis Memorial Highway in Harlan County, designation of

Van Bussum, James, memorial highway designation

VanArsdale, James Cecil, memorializing

Vance, Jane Gentry, memorializing

Verville, Eleen "Nines," memorializing

"Veterans Memorial Mile," designate on KY Route 8 in Greenup County

"Vietnam Memorial Bridge," designate on US 23 in Greenup County

Walczak, Helen, memorializing

Walker, Alice Rainwater, memorializing

Walker, Zona Robbins, memorializing

Webb, Jimmy Willis "Big Daddy," memorializing

Wheeler, William L. "Billy," memorializing

Wilburn, Christine, memorializing

Wilcox, Helen Margaret, memorializing

Williams, SFC William Myron, designate highway on KY 52 in Estill County in honor and memory of

Williams, Tyler, memorializing

Wood, Ulis "U.J.," memorializing

Wood, Woodson Taulbee, memorializing

World War II Veteran Claude Hall, Sr. Memorial Highway, Knott County, designation of

"World War II Veterans Memorial Bridge," designate on KY Route 67 in Greenup County

Wright, Samuel M. "Mack," memorializing

Wycoff, Kathryn Hunter, memorializing

Yates, Vernell Bennett, memorializing

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